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Design Process

Initial Consultation

A consultation is scheduled for the gathering of your ideas, specifications, requirements, and budget in order to commence project arrangements. At this meeting, our estimator will do a site-walk with you to assess the current landscape, take measurements & photos, and do a site analysis. This consultation is no cost to you and can be arranged by calling our office to set up an appointment.

Design Stages

We have several design options. You may choose from a basic hand-sketch or an auto-cad design that could include 3-dimensional models.

Preliminary Design: A designer will be designated to your project and will do a second site visit to your property. Here, the designer will survey the area to assess the environment, evaluate the soil grade, and consider any obstacles that may arise during the installation phase. Afterwards, a preliminary design meeting will be held. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to view the initial design and make any other customizations that you would like. A preliminary design is crucial in giving you a visual of what the project will look like. This makes your decision simpler because you will now have a full grasp on what the project will look like when complete. It does not matter how many modifications you need to make, we refuse to cut corners on this crucial planning stage and will construct multiple designs for you.

Final Design: The final design is customized with your input and modifications and has earned your final stamp of approval. Here, 3-Dimensional models may be used to further give you a visual aid. Now the final design is ready to be implemented! The design is then passed onto the construction teams! Your designer will work hands on with you from the start of the design phases all the way until the complete stages of installation.

You have now reserved a spot on our project schedule. The final design is sent to our Operations Manager who will get your custom crew together to begin the process of demolition and installation of your new landscape! This is a exhilarating phase; and you will be able to communicate directly with the project manager and foreman on the job site from start to finish.

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